Does this vintage size make me look fat?

So I came across this article from HelloGiggles (side note: follow this blog, follow them on facebook, follow everything about them). The below article is a play by play of exactly what happened to me last night.

I wanted to buy this GORGEOUS cocktail dress…but it was a larger size than I wear. Dave came up with this rule.  To start out, I will only buy pieces that I would wear myself.  This way, if something doesn’t sell its no big deal.  It’s a good rule.  He’s a smart guy.

So I disregard this rule and buy it anyways because I am the worst.

Now as most of you know, vintage sizes are not the same as modern sizes. Keeping this in mind, I came home and immediately tried on the dress. To my horror, this thing fits like a glove. This dress is amazing. I felt great, I looked great, so what was my problem? Apparently the only thing I care about in life is some arbitrary size tag on my dress.  Did I mention that I am the worst?

So I came across this blog post and it made me laugh. I hope the next time you are in a vintage store and suddenly gain 3 sizes…you will think of Kitty Haw Vintage and smile.




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