Kitty’s first sale!!

If you could go ahead and do a little drum roll for me…that would be great. šŸ™‚
the shop has officially made its first sale!
I will be packaging up and shipping off my sweet little polka dot gloves. (don’t cry Angie or Cassie)

In other news, I decided that it might be a good idea to post the yellow chair on craigslist. I’m sure I could figure out how to ship it…but for my first large item, local pick up might be good.
The good news? I have gotten at least 10 inquiries about my little chair!
The bad news? One of the inquires (the most persistent of course) is possible trying to kidnap me. or adultnap me. definitely some kind of napping.
He has weird grammar that sounds like some kind of robot. He needs my full name, address (not P.O. box) to send me a check via UPS. Once this is delivered and cashed he will send one of his associates to pick up the chair. ?? Clearly, I said no thank you to this silliness. But my question is ,do any other etsy shop owners out there have experience selling on craiglist?
Good idea? or just a hassle?

hope your week has been full of fun so far!


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