Put on your dancing shoes…

I thought about posting every time i put a new item in the shop. Yeah, there’s not a lot of items now (again..working on it) but there will be…and i’m sure a post every single time would get tiresome for my followers.

That being said, I really can’t keep this newest item to myself. These are the sickest shoes I’ve ever seen.
When I brought them home, I think I saw Dave shed a tear when they weren’t his size.
Why are these shoes so amazing you ask?
They are vintage Giorgio Brutini.
They are freaking pink.
or salmon. you decide what to call them.
They are genuine gator.
They have tassels.
and they are in CRAZY good condition.
These shoe’s honestly make me wish I was a dude.



I also added a sweet litte brass pineapple trinket dish, a super luxe 1950’s mink stole, a retro ice bucket, heavy white knight bookends… i’m drawing a blank but i think there was something else too.
Go to the shop and find out:)
There is more to come this weekend including coats, skirts and the most adorable chair I have ever seen in my life. If you don’t see it listed soon, it is because I have hid it somewhere Dave can never find it and am keeping it for myself.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


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