My very first post!

This little shop is a product of my vintage collecting (my boyfriend may say hoarding) that has taken over my closets for years.  I love estate sales. I mean I LOVE them! I love being allowed to wander through someone’s house, room by room and search through their treasures.  I love the thrill of finding that perfect, one of a kind piece and knowing that of all the people that have been through, you were the only one who saw how supremely cool it  was! I love thrifting and vintage stores, craiglist and you get the idea. Basically, I love the thrill of the hunt and making old things new.

So, Kitty Haw? (My name is Trisha) Kitty Haw is the name of my late great grandmother.  She actually lived to a ripe old age so I was very lucky to have her in my life for a long time.  She had a sweet English accent that she never lost despite all of her years in America. She wore knee high boots, 70’s printed dresses, pearls and lipstick. always lipstick.  I named this shop for her because she was my first exposure to fashion…at least that I can remember.  I also happen to think that Kitty Haw is such a precious little name.

This picture is one of my favorites.


Now onto the shop!

Honestly, I’m unsure of what direction I will ultimately take it in.  I love clothes…but I love little trinkets and home decor as well.  I am pretty obsessed with vintage furniture…but I have not figured out a decent way to ship it. (Suggestions welcome!)

I will begin getting items into the shop tonight.  I will do my best to share everything I find and not hoard away the best pieces for myself:)  In the meantime, here is a little preview of just two items that will be available.  The first are a pair of sweet little black and white polka dot gloves.  I have loved this little pair so much.  The second is my red Mary Tyler Moore coat.  Ok, its not really Mary Tyler Moore’s coat or anything…but I always feel like her when I wear it!  A friend of mine just got a brand new camera for Christmas and did a fun friends photoshoot and so the credit for the pictures belongs to Cassie Husby.

glove coat


More to come!




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