Does this vintage size make me look fat?

So I came across this article from HelloGiggles (side note: follow this blog, follow them on facebook, follow everything about them). The below article is a play by play of exactly what happened to me last night. I wanted to buy this GORGEOUS cocktail dress…but it was a larger size than I wear. Dave […]

Kitty’s first sale!!

If you could go ahead and do a little drum roll for me…that would be great. 🙂 the shop has officially made its first sale! I will be packaging up and shipping off my sweet little polka dot gloves. (don’t cry Angie or Cassie) In other news, I decided that it might be a good […]

Put on your dancing shoes…

I thought about posting every time i put a new item in the shop. Yeah, there’s not a lot of items now (again..working on it) but there will be…and i’m sure a post every single time would get tiresome for my followers. That being said, I really can’t keep this newest item to myself. These […]

My very first post!

This little shop is a product of my vintage collecting (my boyfriend may say hoarding) that has taken over my closets for years.  I love estate sales. I mean I LOVE them! I love being allowed to wander through someone’s house, room by room and search through their treasures.  I love the thrill of finding […]