Happier than Buddy the Elf waiting for Santa!

These days, this is pretty much what my face looks like…all the time.

First of all, the biggest thank you and hugs in the world to everyone for being so supportive of this shop right from the start! Thank you to my customers so far for loving these pieces I have found enough to welcome them into their own homes. It just warms my heart.
I am completely overwhelmed and grateful for the response so far!

I had another successful weekend finding perfect items for the shop, so more items are coming!

I was going to blog about these amazing mod canisters I found this weekend; alas, my sweet and stylish friend scooped them up only seconds after I posted them! Thank you Julia!
I know technically there is no reason to post a picture of them anymore…but I just really want to. 🙂
So cute!

I’ve also recently added a fun 80’s party dress and a perfectly shabby chic little mirror.

Now for a sneak peak of what’s to come…

I don’t know about you, but I am just obsessed with kilim.
I would do just about anything to get my hands on a vintage kilim bag or kilim boots.
Well I’m still on the hunt for the boots…but hazaa! the bag is MINE!
The bag is not in the shop yet (because i REALLY want to keep it!)
But I am sure that Dave will soon be prying it out of my hands and you will see it listed.

Until then, wishing you a week full of fun and laughs.



Does this vintage size make me look fat?

So I came across this article from HelloGiggles (side note: follow this blog, follow them on facebook, follow everything about them). The below article is a play by play of exactly what happened to me last night.


I wanted to buy this GORGEOUS cocktail dress…but it was a larger size than I wear. Dave came up with this rule.  To start out, I will only buy pieces that I would wear myself.  This way, if something doesn’t sell its no big deal.  It’s a good rule.  He’s a smart guy.

So I disregard this rule and buy it anyways because I am the worst.

Now as most of you know, vintage sizes are not the same as modern sizes. Keeping this in mind, I came home and immediately tried on the dress. To my horror, this thing fits like a glove. This dress is amazing. I felt great, I looked great, so what was my problem? Apparently the only thing I care about in life is some arbitrary size tag on my dress.  Did I mention that I am the worst?

So I came across this blog post and it made me laugh. I hope the next time you are in a vintage store and suddenly gain 3 sizes…you will think of Kitty Haw Vintage and smile.



Kitty’s first sale!!

If you could go ahead and do a little drum roll for me…that would be great. 🙂
the shop has officially made its first sale!
I will be packaging up and shipping off my sweet little polka dot gloves. (don’t cry Angie or Cassie)

In other news, I decided that it might be a good idea to post the yellow chair on craigslist. I’m sure I could figure out how to ship it…but for my first large item, local pick up might be good.
The good news? I have gotten at least 10 inquiries about my little chair!
The bad news? One of the inquires (the most persistent of course) is possible trying to kidnap me. or adultnap me. definitely some kind of napping.
He has weird grammar that sounds like some kind of robot. He needs my full name, address (not P.O. box) to send me a check via UPS. Once this is delivered and cashed he will send one of his associates to pick up the chair. ?? Clearly, I said no thank you to this silliness. But my question is ,do any other etsy shop owners out there have experience selling on craiglist?
Good idea? or just a hassle?

hope your week has been full of fun so far!

You are the most beautiful chair in the world…

goodness…i love this chair.

In all honestly, if it doesn’t sell it will not break my heart (dave tells me I am not supposed to say things like that)
I love combining modern and vintage and to me, this chair is a perfect representation of that.
It is bold and bright.
I want to use it in a photo shoot.
I think what i love the most about this chair is how it reminds me of my old apartment.
I lived in the most adorable old village apartment that plymouth has ever seen. The ceilings were high, the walls were mint greens and yellows. I want to go back in time and nestle this sweet chair in next to my eames era avacado couch.
If you would like to bring this little chair into your loving home, just let me know. i will be right over.


Put on your dancing shoes…

I thought about posting every time i put a new item in the shop. Yeah, there’s not a lot of items now (again..working on it) but there will be…and i’m sure a post every single time would get tiresome for my followers.

That being said, I really can’t keep this newest item to myself. These are the sickest shoes I’ve ever seen.
When I brought them home, I think I saw Dave shed a tear when they weren’t his size.
Why are these shoes so amazing you ask?
They are vintage Giorgio Brutini.
They are freaking pink.
or salmon. you decide what to call them.
They are genuine gator.
They have tassels.
and they are in CRAZY good condition.
These shoe’s honestly make me wish I was a dude.



I also added a sweet litte brass pineapple trinket dish, a super luxe 1950’s mink stole, a retro ice bucket, heavy white knight bookends… i’m drawing a blank but i think there was something else too.
Go to the shop and find out:)
There is more to come this weekend including coats, skirts and the most adorable chair I have ever seen in my life. If you don’t see it listed soon, it is because I have hid it somewhere Dave can never find it and am keeping it for myself.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

My very first post!

This little shop is a product of my vintage collecting (my boyfriend may say hoarding) that has taken over my closets for years.  I love estate sales. I mean I LOVE them! I love being allowed to wander through someone’s house, room by room and search through their treasures.  I love the thrill of finding that perfect, one of a kind piece and knowing that of all the people that have been through, you were the only one who saw how supremely cool it  was! I love thrifting and vintage stores, craiglist and you get the idea. Basically, I love the thrill of the hunt and making old things new.

So, Kitty Haw? (My name is Trisha) Kitty Haw is the name of my late great grandmother.  She actually lived to a ripe old age so I was very lucky to have her in my life for a long time.  She had a sweet English accent that she never lost despite all of her years in America. She wore knee high boots, 70’s printed dresses, pearls and lipstick. always lipstick.  I named this shop for her because she was my first exposure to fashion…at least that I can remember.  I also happen to think that Kitty Haw is such a precious little name.

This picture is one of my favorites.


Now onto the shop!

Honestly, I’m unsure of what direction I will ultimately take it in.  I love clothes…but I love little trinkets and home decor as well.  I am pretty obsessed with vintage furniture…but I have not figured out a decent way to ship it. (Suggestions welcome!)

I will begin getting items into the shop tonight.  I will do my best to share everything I find and not hoard away the best pieces for myself:)  In the meantime, here is a little preview of just two items that will be available.  The first are a pair of sweet little black and white polka dot gloves.  I have loved this little pair so much.  The second is my red Mary Tyler Moore coat.  Ok, its not really Mary Tyler Moore’s coat or anything…but I always feel like her when I wear it!  A friend of mine just got a brand new camera for Christmas and did a fun friends photoshoot and so the credit for the pictures belongs to Cassie Husby.

glove coat


More to come!